Thursday, January 23, 2020

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The bible is one of the most will known books in the world (manly because there are a lot of cristons that fell it is necessary to tell as many people as possible). The bible has been translated and printed then and re-translated and re-printed for centuries {from [original langue]}. The bible was all so written about 40 years after the events that it describes. The ferst part of the bible was written by â€Å"James, half brother of Jesus† ( wrote it in the â€Å"40's or 50's† ( or Galatians written by Paul in the year 49. With all this it is very likely that something got mixed up in the translation. The bible has mixed signs and inconsistent that proves Satan was the god that was referd to in the bible. Satan set about to deceive everyone and lure them in to sin buy offering false redemptions. We all know god created the world in 7 days so we can use this as a gage for God’s design skills. The world is fare from being perfect, and really it has been badly designed. The land mass is bunched together in the northern hemisphere leaving some smaller ilandes but manly water in the southern hemisphere. The magnetic feled of the earth is constantly moving the weather is all messed up. Still leaving some areas on the world heavily populated and others almost desert. Thins is obviously the result of poor planning and for an all-powerful god this is just negugins. Dose this mean God is a bad designer? No because refuses to show himself because that would take away the faith part of the Christianity faith. If you look at the stories in the bible like the story of Jesus (what most the bible is about) the cross he dies on is a great symbol just look at it, it have strong vertical and horizontal lines. These types of lines are carming, sturdy, reliable and if made big can be towering and thretning but because they cross in the middle it is also unsettling as your eyes follow the lines they relaxes and then the center that you came to focus on startles you. The cross is a will designed symbol. The Ten Commandments is another example of great designed. Ten the basus of the decimal system is a mentally satisfying number. If you look at the Ten Commandments you can see they are not all needed like â€Å"Thou shalt not steal† and â€Å"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

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